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There’s no better time to start planning for your future, than today.

A long, comfortable and enjoyable retirement is something that we all aspire to. And while retirement may seem a long way off, it has a habit of rolling around quicker than you might expect. So, the question you need to ask yourself is – “Am I preparing well enough?”

AHR - Retirement Planning

With longer average lifespan’s, retirement is becoming a greater proportion of our lives therefore we need to be prepared to live longer without an income from employment. Saving for retirement is a continuous process and it’s easy to fall off track if you don’t have a structured plan in place. It can also be difficult to balance your retirement savings alongside your other goals, whether that be; buying a house, sending your children to university or travelling the world. We will work to understand your objectives and then can show you the best way to achieve these without jeopardising your retirement.

We can help.

Whether retirement is tomorrow, next year or nowhere near, we can help with building your future. Get in touch with us today for a complimentary introductory meeting.

Saving for retirement

With retirement representing a much larger part of modern life, we must commit more of our earnings to fund our later years.

Consistent saving combined with the power of compound interest is an age-old method that is often the most viable option for most. We will work alongside you to understand where you want your life to go, so we can assist you with a structured financial plan that will get you there.

See our Retirement Planning Calculator for an estimate as to how much you will need to save, to fund your retirement.

Approaching retirement

If you are looking to retire in the next few years, you will most likely be starting to consider your options.

We spend our working lives saving for retirement, with the hope that we will have enough to sustain our lifestyle. This accumulation phase is vitally important when it comes to your retirement, however, there is little point in spending your working life saving for your retirement, if you approach decumulation without a strategy.

Our retirement planners will be able to guide you on how best to access your retirement savings, in order to provide you with the lifestyle you deserve whilst also achieving tax-efficient drawdown.

Managing your retirement

The day you retire is not the end of your retirement planning, it’s more like a midway point. The challenges involved with retirement planning during retirement shift towards longevity risk and succession planning.

Your investment strategy should now be focused on preserving the wealth you have accumulated and protecting against market risk. Depending on the type of retirement assets you hold, it may be important to establish a safe withdrawal rate with your financial planner so you can reduce any risk that you’ll live too long for your savings. Another matter that needs to be considered is how you wish to pass on your wealth when you are no longer around.

Our financial planners are qualified to assist you with each stage of your retirement journey and becoming a client with AHR Private Wealth will also provide you access to our investment panel and trust planning specialists.

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